Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Eeek. So I didn't get to have the awesome photoshoot with Brian I wanted to on his birthday. Sometimes things kind of fall through. It started to downpour around 3 PM right when he got home from school, and when I had finished baking his cake. We did have a lovely time though. And the cake was DELICIOUS. (Recipe courtesy Ms. Martha Stewart!) I'm thinking I have to post it soon, Brian can't get enough of the yummy lemon cake!

To hold you over until I get some sort of outfit post together, here's some cute shots of my babies from yesterday.

Autumn hiding in places she shouldn't.

My little fur babies snuggling!! (:

Slinky stylin' and profilin' in his new jacket.

Have a great weekend everyone! !

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, my love.

Happy Birthday Brian!

This is our third October together, and every year it's more exciting. I can't imagine what it's going to be like 50 years from now. I love you more than anything.

***Check back tomorrow for pictures from today's festivities!***

Monday, October 11, 2010


With my birthday just around the corner I always gets asked by my parents and Brian what I would like. And every year I really have no idea. I'm not one to usually have constant lists of things I would like, I mostly admire and then move on. But lately I've been thinking about what my ultimate birthday presents would be. (Totally unrealistic I do not in any way expect them to buy any of this LOL). This led me to lots of browsing on Topshop, which I usually never look at. But I must say I found so much I am in love with. Here is my dream list of goodies from their site! (Click pictures to go to item!)

If I did get to choose one thing it would be that gorgeous red lace dress. It strikes quite a resemblance to this dress of Chuck's from Pushing Daisie's that I fell in love with. Other than that is it obvious I love cold weather colors and style? I am a huge lover of all things plaid and fairisle!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Falling Out of Trees

I was completely serious when I said I was ready to start blogging again! I know that I took a bit of time off and you're probably wondering what's been going on and what I've been up to, but truly it isn't that interesting! Ha, maybe I'll save that for another post to get you all up to date! Today there is an outfit post! Brian and I went apple picking yesterday, and it was so so so fun. I love taste testing all the different apples with him. We plan on using our awesome baking skills to create as many apple flavored things as possible (first on the list is a caramalized apple cake yumyum!!)

We also got pumpkins, apple cider and a few other yummy things. We also made creme brulees yesterday! (It was a busy day!) I think carmelizing the sugar with a kitchen torch was the epitome of awesome baking in action!

Shirt- Target ; Skirt- UO ; Belt & Necklace- Charlotte Russe ; Boots- Zigi Soho

I felt slightly crazy mixing patterns, since I never usually do it. Something about plaid makes me not care so much as I love it with pretty much anything. The only bad part about this outfit was when the wind picked up and my skirt did too! Though it made Brian and I laugh really hard.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why I adore the Fall

Lately I've been really wanting to document my outfits and share them with someone, but it has been raining for what feels like (and probably is) a week now. Fall always gets me feeling super creative in my outfit choices since so much layering can occur. Since I do not have an outfit to share with you- I've decided I would give you my top reasons why I love Fall so darn much.

1. Birthdays!


Fall time means one thing for Brian and I - Birthday time! We are both coincidentally October babies. His is the 14th, mine the 26th. Once October rolls around the birthday month begins. Usually with Brian asking me the first day of October if I've been doing some birthday shopping (He is TOO adorable). Generally it feels like a month long celebration that I wish could last forever!

2. Autumn (My kitten girl!)

3 years ago (In November!) my mom and brother saw adorable kittens at a pet store "Free with $30 purchase", you know the feral barn cats that they try to pawn off on people. My mom has never been a cat person but for some reason she absolutely fell in love with the kittens. She told my brother not to tell me about them (in fear she would say yes to getting one!). My brother knowing the cat lover I had been ever since I was little, told me about the cute kittens. I had a dream that night I hid one away in my room, and when I woke I laid out a proposition for my mom so I could get the kitten. Obviously she caved, and I got to take home the most precious little Muted Calico- Torti (Yeah she's super special (:). Because her coloring reminds me of fall and pumpkins I named her Autumn, and she has become the little love of my life. (Brian is the big love of my life!)

3. Apple Picking


I think apple picking with Brian has become one of my favorite fall traditions. We are such little kids, we run through the rows of apple trees testing out all the different apples and throwing them around. It seriously is soo much fun. We always get hot apple cider after and eat delicious warm cider doughnuts. Though we never know what to do with all the apples we collect, it's the experience that's most rewarding.

4. Fall Flavors


Being a worker in an ice cream shop I can tell you I count down the days until we receive the delicious creamy gift that is pumpkin ice cream. Fall in general seems to bring tons of amazing flavors out of the woodwork, (Apples, Cinnamon, Caramel, Pumpkin,Nutmeg, Chocolate etc.). I'm a huge enthusiast of all things fall flavored, and I highly suggest you try some if you haven't been daring enough!

5. Baking


Going along with the theme of food, Fall is most supreme for baking. In the summer I can't get as into it since feeling like your going to break a sweat by opening or standing near an oven isn't really my thing. In Fall, the crisp weather makes opening that oven oh so toasty and sweet. (I'll currently be going on day three of baking in a row today)

6. Fires


When the air gets cool that means it's time for Brian's dad to start cranking on the wood stove. Growing up in a house with central heat(?), I never got to enjoy the glory that is the smell and feel of wood burning to warm the house. I can tell you there is nothing I love more than smelling that woodsy smell soaked into all of Brian's clothes. It means it's time for lots of cuddling and movie watching!

7. Halloween


Though I may be a little old to be going door to door trick or treating it doesn't meant I don't love still putting together crazy costumes and putting on tons of makeup. Plus a holiday around candy is A-OKAY in my book!

8. Walks

I'll be the first to tell you how much I DESPISE sweating. I mean I truly hate summer for that. Feeling sticky and gross is in no way satisfying to me. This makes taking walks in the summer really uncomfortable for me. Brian is really into going for walks and bike rides all the time, but he knows not to push it in the summer (I get really cranky when I'm hot LOL). When I can throw on a cardigan or hoodie and comfortably walk around outside, that is the ultimate. I loveeee going for walks with Brian and the Fall makes it much more managable!

9. Snuggling and Blankets


As Brian would tell you, I am a 'coocooner' by nature. Give me a blanket and I"ll wrap it around myself so only my face sticks out. It's almost a habit. Except in the hot weather, yet again, makes this not very comfortable. Cool weather is the best conditions for blankets and snuggling. Besides being a coocooner, I'm also a HUGE snuggler. This weather makes me a very happy snuggly girl.

10. Plaid, Cardigans, Tights and Boots Galore


Though you really haven't experienced anything but my warm weather attire, I am truly a fall wear girl. More tights! More cardigans! I loveee how a dress is completely re-invented by adding these simple things. I also wear a lot of plaid (as does Brian, we tend to look silly and matching a lot!), and boots. In the fall/winter boots are my everyday. This year I have added two new beauties to my collection (can't wait to share!).

I'm pretty sure you can all agree, Thank God it's Fall time!

Oh and I think this means I'm ready to start blogging again (:


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