Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In all seriousness

I've been having a really really off week/month/seems like forever. I don't know why but everything seems so lackluster.
I'm coming to the realization that I don't want to go to school to become an art teacher, and I don't know whether it's because my classes are so awful I find myself hardly going, or because I truly want to become an entrepreneur and open my shop of things I make. I feel like the norm is to go to college for 4 years, graduate, and get a normal job. But what if that's not what I want? Of course I love learning about art, but my classes are so dry, and the projects allow barely any creativity that I feel my love for art slipping away. I don't want to go to school for two more years and spend a lot of money on a degree for something I don't really want to do. I hope that I sound reasonable- and not like I have no idea what I'm saying.
I'm currently going to a county college and need to take two more summer classes to graduate. I know I can push myself to finish this and get my Associates degree, but I don't know if I can push myself to take out a student loan for a TON of money for the school I would go on to for a degree I am so unsure of.
I feel like all of this has been sucking the life out of me- though it shouldn't. I've always been a really good student with all A's and the occasional B. This semester I feel like I don't even care. It's just that awful. And I feel like it's affecting everything else in my life. Things just don't feel the same to me- and my hatred of my school has caused a couple fights with Brian, who loves his classes and his major and can't seem to understand how I am so uncaring about mine.

If you read all of this know how much I appreciate it. Seriously, thank you. I kind of just needed to get this off my chest. I feel like the only person in the world right now who feels this way, and everyone I talk to doesn't seem to understand. I've been too stressed to really update this blog with too many happy things, so now maybe you can see why. I didn't go back and correct this post or anything so sorry if there is a ton of errors, it all just came out like word vomit..

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Girl Can Dream...

Just a completely random list of things I've been really wishing I could own lately

1.Pokemon White- 2.Nesting Doll Lunch Bag- 3.Daisy Swimsuit- 4.Giraffe Planter- 5.Bird Dress- 6.Area Rug- 7.Sandal Wedges- 8.The King of Limbs- Radiohead 9.White iPad 2-

See, told ya it was random! Had to put Pokemon White on there although I have a feeling I will be buying it by the end of the week. I just can't resist the new Pokemon cuteness! Oh, and I never wanted an iPad until they came out with the white one. Did I ever mention that I refused to buy a Macbook Pro and instead bought a classic Macbook and upgraded it's insides like a Macbook Pro simply because I wanted a white one? Heh, I'm really picky over the design of things!

On another note it snowed in New Jersey today! (On the first day of Spring........) Hoping by the end of the week it all clears up for some Spring outfit-y goodness!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty little things

Just a couple things i'm really excited about ATM...

New undies from Aerie! I can't be the only one that gets way too excited about new underwear... And Aerie seriously has the most gorgeous ones right now! (It's the only place I will buy undies and bras from!)

Vintage kitten planter! I found this in an Antique Shop and needed it so bad! I also bought a few pretty cacti and succulents to plant, they are amazing!

What has you excited lately?!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bird Bath

Anddd here is my other dress I snatched up from the Modcloth sale. I think it's so beautiful, but it's so fragile it's almost scary wearing it! Not much to say except I'm starting working at my ice cream place again this weekend! I'm really excited to make some money ha. And my spring break also started today. So excited for the nice weather and outfits that don't need jackets covering them up!

Oh! Andd Brian is taking me to see Red Riding Hood tonight. I am so very excited, I absolutely love fairy tales, and when they get made into movies, it's amazing!

Dress- Modcloth | Thigh Highs- Jessica Simpson | Belt & Shoes- Urban Outfitters | Headband- Kohls

PS. My blog is in the process of being changed. I used to be really good at all html stuff from when I played Neopets religiously, but Blogger is a whole knew realm to me and I am quite frustrated! If anyone knows any good sites for free blog layouts, or could just help in general, I would forever be in debt to you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here if your outfit post

Today Brian and I went to iHop (soo nommy!) and I got fabric (and an amazing sewing basket!) from JoAnns to make a pouch for my instax! The dress I am wearing I got from Modcloth's Cabin Fever sale and it's so cute. I just hate how the sleeves are slightly poufy so they buldge through my cardgian. Ah well. Anyways here it is, an outfit post! P.S. It was super windy today, and slightly chilly, I can not wait for nice weather to take good outfit pictures in. Not 100% happy with these but it's something!

Dress- Modcloth| Cardigan, Shoes & Belt- Urban Outfitters| Tights-Anthropologie

(LOL I thought this picture was too funny not to throw in there...)

Hope everyone has/had a great weekend :)