Monday, March 21, 2011

A Girl Can Dream...

Just a completely random list of things I've been really wishing I could own lately

1.Pokemon White- 2.Nesting Doll Lunch Bag- 3.Daisy Swimsuit- 4.Giraffe Planter- 5.Bird Dress- 6.Area Rug- 7.Sandal Wedges- 8.The King of Limbs- Radiohead 9.White iPad 2-

See, told ya it was random! Had to put Pokemon White on there although I have a feeling I will be buying it by the end of the week. I just can't resist the new Pokemon cuteness! Oh, and I never wanted an iPad until they came out with the white one. Did I ever mention that I refused to buy a Macbook Pro and instead bought a classic Macbook and upgraded it's insides like a Macbook Pro simply because I wanted a white one? Heh, I'm really picky over the design of things!

On another note it snowed in New Jersey today! (On the first day of Spring........) Hoping by the end of the week it all clears up for some Spring outfit-y goodness!


  1. Oh my gosh, my sister just bought Pokemon white last week and I got the black version and we've been playing ever since! GET IT ITS SO FUN!

  2. you have to get the radiohead album, brilliant as always

  3. i want and need that BIRD dress as well.
    BUT i do not think i will be spending that much money on a dress the husband would kill me..hahaha.
    have a wonderful week love.

  4. That dress is on my wish list, toooo! So dang cute.

  5. That dress is beautiful. It just spells "bare foot summer".. so precious

    love amy ^.^

  6. Amanda- Haha I want to sooo bad. Waiting for my paycheck!! I think Brian is going to get black too, he's been wanting to play since it came out also! I'm really excited that everyone says its so fun!!

    Amber- I want that album so bad, but supposedly it's coming out to CD, and I love having physical copies of things. It's just getting so hard not to have an album by one of my favorite bands!

    And also that dress is so amazing isn't it? Wish it wasn't so expensive.. and sold out in my size! HA figures ..

  7. Awww the nesting doll is bag and giraffe and the dress are SO cute! <3
    I hate Modcloth for designing such pretty dresses because the dresss themselves and the oversea shipping are so expensive :-/

  8. The vintage bathing suit is adorable.

  9. I just did the same type of thing on my blog! I think its "dreaming" month right now...haha we all want summer, not winter! That suit is to die for!


  10. Love your wish list! I'm with ya, I would love, love to have all of these items. I'm especially loving that amazing ModCloth dress, and that swim suit is a MUST buy -SO cute. xx veronika

  11. fantastic the Swimsuit! :) great blog :) Im following!

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  12. Totally cute! Hope you get each and everyone soon!



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