Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fall/Winter Recap

Hi guys! It's been incredibly snowy here in New Jersey. Like RIDICULOUSLY snowy ha. I've felt super inspired since I decided to start my blog back up to get back into wearing nice clothes almost everyday again. (Let me tell you the whole yoga pants hoodie thing gets to be SUPER addicting when you don't have anywhere to be or anything to do!!) I'm really excited for what I have in store but I figured that I would kind of recap you guys (in a very condensed way) or generally what I've been up to over my bit of a break!

Photographing Adorable Kittens

My friend found some super little kittens in her barn and asked me to help her take pictures of them to find them homes. Ugh Brian and I wanted one SO bad!!

Dressing Up My Kitty

Poor baby Tum Tums was subjected to multiple fashion statements.. but I think she looks way too cute!

Drawing Portraits

I tooks a winterim course (ugh I know) so that Brian and I can move in the summer! I did an independent study on portraiture and I was really excited about the results. I also did some watercolors of my mom and Brian but I don't have pictures of those sooo, he is one of my pretty friend and my brother.

Getting My First Doll

Well not my first, but my first really nice expensive one. To be honest I never really liked dolls, but when I was randomly flipping through my dad's entertainment earth catalog I saw her. And I knew I had to have her in all of her folk tale foresty goodness! She is a Pullip Dal Dotori!

Acquiring Lots of Pretty Dresses!

I don't think this post would be complete if I didn't include a little snippet of some of the treasures I got while on my break! (And yes! That red lace dress is the one I lusted over here!)

Getting a Macbook!

...and spending way too much time playing World of Warcraft on it with Brian. Ha I admit, I am totally addicted to that game and all the cute things in it you would never expect (like my little fawn pet :o.) On another note, I am so pumped about my macbook, I had to get a white one and I buffed up my RAM and now it is the best thing ever. I am so excited to be blogging from it! (PS, look how cute my baby animals are. Ah always in the middle of everything!)

And Spending Way Too Much Time with These Two!

Brian and my kitty. Ah my favorite things in the world!

I really appreciate all the kind comments about my coming back to the blogging world. You are all so kind and wonderfully, seriously. If anyone has anything they would like to tell me, ask me, or just plain talk please e-mail me at

I promise I will be checking it once again!

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  1. Aw so cute! I love your kittens..and that doll is precious. I never got into dolls but I always see the now and think 'I like you!' Glad you are back in the blogging world lady. <3

  2. Lol, It amazes me how many fellow bloggers I see who are also WoW fanatics :) But you are one of the few on the ally side... which makes me happy, considering I am as well!


  3. Yes yes Worgen Hunter <333 That's awesome, if your server was Lightbringer that would be even more awesome!

  4. Awh, I love your sketches! You're so talented. And those dresses look so, soo pretty! (YAY that you got the red lace one! Ahhh!) Hopefully we will see you in some in a snowy outfit post ;) hehe.


  5. Aww such cute kittys...I love your cat in the dress adorable lol XD

  6. aw so cute!! the little kitten is adorable :) xo

  7. oh my goodness...
    i am not even really a cat person..
    but those kittens are melting my heart. <3
    makes me want to go out and get one..screw my allergies..haha..
    it has been snowing here A LOT too...ughhhh!!! so over it.
    glad your back love!!!

  8. Ahh welcome back! So excited to see your new stuff! Can't believe you play wow, although not too happy about you being an ally! :( haha!

  9. Such a cute post, I'm loving your blog already! Sally x

  10. All of these kitty photos make me wish I weren't allergic. So cute!

    And I'm so stoked to see you ended up getting that red dress! You better share it with us lady ;]


  11. Oh Wow, it looks like you've had the most amazing time. Those kittens are adorable and I love your outfits on the cat, especially the stripey jumper and I really love your little doll too. I want one!

    The dresses and the macbook too - I'm very jealous! xxx

    p.s Glad to see you back! x

  12. So adorable cats!! I love cats:) I have one little boy too:) he is called Frenkie:)


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