Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hi guys! I really hope you notice the difference in my photos today... I seriously took so much extra effort to try to get them the best quality I could- because to be honest for a while I didn't know what I was doing when it came to putting up pictures! Haha. I hope all that work wasn't in vain!

Dress & Belt- Charlotte Russe ; Tights & Shoes- Kohls

Brian and I went to Lafyette Village again today, for these pictures, a little yummy food and some good ole' antiquing. I was excited to finally wear this dress, since it's one of my favorites, and I wear it a lot actually although you have never seen it here!

This picture is for Amanda, who I think can understand/laugh at this one!

I really have to thank all of you too for how sweet you are. Really. Your comments put such a huge smile on my face, you're so overly nice too me. I really love every one of you!

Quick post today since My mom, brother, Brian and I are going to see Dinner for Schmucks soon. I hope it's as hilarious as Steve Carrell leads it on to be!

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  1. Is your hair naturally wavy like that? I love it, wish I could get my hair like that. Cute dress too :)


  2. You are so lovely! I always smile when I see you've posted another blog. Glad you had a fun day, dear!

    Amber Rose

  3. 1. I notice the difference in the pictures, and they look fabulous! Good job, girl.
    2. This dress looks stunning on you and couldnt be more lovely. I love the detail on the back.
    3. These tights just made me more jealous than you will ever know. That color is to diiieeee for. x

  4. You look gorgeous! Ah, I get so excited everytime I see you've updated your blog, you have no idea.The pictures look great, I noticed a difference (although, I always thought your pictures looked fabulous before too!)

    Argh, you have no idea how many photos of Gavin I have like that! I feel like I could fill a blog just over the random faces/things he does in photos!

    P.S. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect ankle boots like those ones you wore awhile ago.

  5. let me know how you like the movie! i've heard great things!

    love the tights with this outfit!

  6. This may be my favorite look of yours yet!

    You'll have to let us know how the movie was, my boyfriend Kevin and I have been aching to see it since we first saw the trailer. I'm completely in love with Zak Galifianakis' work.

    -Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com

  7. You're adorable and gorgeous! xx

  8. I love the dress! The photos look great! This is probably one of my favorite outfits that you have wore.

    I hope that movie is good. My father and I have been wanting to see it.


  9. I am so jealous that you're wearing tights in August! I miss my layers so much.
    Ps - Please update us on the movie! I'm interested in seeing it as I love Steve and basically anything he does.

  10. looking beautiful love, like always. love that your rocking the tights in august..haha..i do it all the time..its better than seeing my pale legs!! hope you enjoy the movie. xoxo

  11. That is a very beautiful dress!

    And oh my word, your hair is gorgeous! You have really pretty waves. :)

  12. I love these pictures. Yes I think your hard work has paid off.
    Your dress is so pretty. It's perfect for a day in a village.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  13. Your dress is so sweet, I love the detail on the chest. You make me want to wear my tights already...


  14. I probably sound crazy, but I can't express how lovely this outfit is on you! That dress is gorgeous, and those tights and shoes go PERFECTLY with it. And your hair is so lovely, and you're gorgeous, and the photos are so pretty... *__* I can't handle it. You're so inspiring.

  15. Ahh, I wanna go antiquing with you!
    Your photos have always been gorgeous but these are so beautiful! As are you.

    This dress is amazing. I've seen that fabric on a few dresses, none as pretty as this one, and I really love it. And your teal tights! Perfect!


    Ps. We love you too!

  16. I'm actually waiting on this dress and a white lace dress to arrive any day now! I love the way you styled it and the pictures are stunning. I might just brave the heat and wear tights soon, I love the look.

  17. Awwh! I absolutely loveeee this outfit! I've been wanting that dress for a couple months and it looks great! I love the colour of the tights that you've put with it too!

  18. Wow, the details of this dress are so nice. You look so lovely and elegant here. Even more so than usual. There's just something grown-up about that dress. :)

    I love the last photo because the neighborhood looks so quaint. I would love to live there. Green picket fence!

    B from A plus B

  19. Caitlyn, you're so gorgeous!! I absolutely love this dress. You and Brian are so cute =) How was Dinner for Schmucks? I really want to see it!!! Also, random question..are you going to the Chictopia 10 conference?

  20. Hi guys! Going to answer multiple questions here!

    1. Yes my hair is naturally like that. I'm lucky to have nice waves, it makes styling my hair so simple. I just let it air dry everyday.

    2. Dinner for Schmucks was really funny! You know in the corny inspirational way. But aren't those the funniest? Steve Carrell definitely does not dissapoint and there are just some parts in the movie that he does that you'll die laughing over!

    3. No I'm not going to the Chictopia 10 Conference. I honestly know nothing about it, or how to go blah blah. Maybe next year once I've really gotten settled into the whole fashion world!

    Thank you all so much for your sweet comments (:

  21. Such a cute tunic!!! I love how the florals go with those green tights. Really adorable :)

  22. I love this outfit! The colorful tights with the floral dress are too cute together! I'm glad you liked Dinner for Schmucks was funny, I've been hearing good things about it and now I r e a l l y want to see it!

  23. What a gorgeous dress! And great choice with the tights - bottle green is always a fave of mine!

  24. aww your are beautiful :) and your outfit is great :D!

    have a nice day and don't forget to visit my blog :)

  25. You always say you have too much floral, but I don't have enough!!

    check out my latest giveaway!


  26. Photo editing has always been the most difficult part of blogging for me—I don't think I have the natural eye for it. These photos are lovely. Did you use Photoshop or another program?

    A from A + B in the Sea

  27. I saw dinner for schumucks and it was so funny, I practically peed my pants (too much information?) Anyways I love your dress, I'm definitely going to stop by charlotte russe soon.

    The Girl in the Paper Dress

  28. You can definitely tell that these photos are better quality! not that I thought your older photos didn't look brilliant already :D I absolutely ADORE that dress on you, so cute



  29. Your blog is beautiful, I love it!


  30. i love that dress and i want it! lol


  31. Beautiful :)))


  32. You're such a sweet girl, look at that beautiful dress! The tights are probably my favorite part though, I love myself a good pair of colored tights. They make me think of Fall, which is coming quickly! The pictures turned out perfect, whatever you did, good job.

  33. Ooooh the dress is gorgeous! I love how you wore it with the shoes and alice abnd, everything matches so well! Also the lipstick! Ah, i love everything about this :)

  34. that dress is just so charming!! :D great photos.. love the softer tones and composition to them. :D

    Animated Confessions

  35. Such lovely photos! And your outfit is BEAUTIFUL!

  36. Your last picture is adorable. Such a cute couple. The tights compliment your dress perfectly, so whimsical!

  37. that is an awesome dress! Sometimes Charlotte Russe has some real gems.

  38. you are beautiful! and that dress is gorgeous =]

    postcards from dreamland ♥

  39. you look great i really like that dress!

  40. amazing. you pull the tights off so well! (:

    come by sometime? now following!


  41. That dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  42. Oh, wow! I love your hair and your dress (: You look like a pretty doll!


  43. What a lovely outfit! That dress is...wow! Very nice photos and header! Love

  44. Lovely dress. For a moment I thought it was a romper. Looks great with those tights (are they green, or is it just the lighting?) Either way, good effort with the pictures!

  45. Beautiful blog!
    Nicee : )

    /Fashion Bowie


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