Friday, July 30, 2010


Hi everyone! I've been pretty absent from here this week, since for the most part my week wasn't the best, but Brian sure made up for it with our activities today! (And his overall sweetness!)

Tuesday Brian and I hung out all day by my pool for the first time all summer. (I know it's almost August...) Since we are both really really fair skinned, even though we were both wearing sunblock- we burnt really bad. I had work that night and it was the most miserable thing ever. With every movement I felt my bra straps ripping and burning my skin.

Wednesday morning I had work again. Basically went home to sleep then came right back. Not only was I still very painfully burnt, I had an awful day at work. I have been there for 3 years and I still get yelled at and reprimanded for every little thing. I know it's not just me and it happens to everyone there, but for some reason Wednesday it really got to me and when Brian came to pick me up I just started bawling my eyes out. When I got home I had a cat scarf and my bag from I had been waiting a month for waiting by my garage. That cheered me up a tiny bit. Brian and I then watched Pretty Little Liars and I had some ice cream on a warm cookie. Eventually by the end of the night I was feeling much much better thanks to Brian's utter baby-ing of me. (He's sooo sweet to me when I'm feeling upset, not that he isn't normally so sweet!) Thursday Brian played guitar with his friend, and I didn't see him until 7 and then I worked on my quilt the rest of the night.

But today was our day to spend together, antiquing and going to a cafe!

Dress- Kohls ; Tights- Bakers ; Oxfords- Urban Outfitters ; Scarf- Modcloth ; Bag- ; Necklace- Made by me

I had so much fun today with Brian! We went to a cafe called The Gristmill and had frozen chocolate chais with our meals. I had a grilled chicken panini with cheddar jack cheese and lime dressing on whole wheat. (It was amazing!) We then walked to a few antique stores close by and I found an owl necklace, really nice iron bird trivet, and an amazing old birdcage music box. (You have to see it to know what I mean!) We also scored an awesome deal at Marshalls and got a $25 beautiful bowl set for my cat for only $12.99 because of an error with their price tags. Yes!!

I think I nearly died when I saw this scarf on Modcloth. The first thing I thought is "No way did they mix classy floral with whimsical black cats." But oh they did. Brian being the sweetheart he is ordered me this right away!

Yay for sunburn and peeling noses!

So the Alexa bag that has been topping everyones wishlist was also topping mine, though there is NO WAY I would ever ever be able to afford one. I have been trying so hard (you have no idea!) to find something similar for much cheaper elsewhere, and when I found this bag on for only $50 I ordered it straight away. Even my mom says how similar they look!

Lastly these oxfords are ones I have been wanting for over a year. My mom decided to order them for me since she was so proud of me getting on the Deans List in college. Yay for being studious!! Though they are so fall-eqsue (as is my whole outfit), I couldn't wait to wear them. I think everyone will understand when I say I am dying to wear fall attire already!

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  1. Your bag is amazing, definitely thought it was an Alexa until you said where you got it from! Love the shoes too, such a perfect shade of brown :)

  2. This sounds like such a great day! Your outfit is gorgeous, what a perfect scarf for you. I'm going to miss autumn/winter dressing, I'm gonna get more and more jealous coming on here as it turns to fall in the US ;)

    I'm so sorry you are having a hard time at work, my work has been much the same recently :( I can't wait to 'grow up' and get a proper job I actually like! And oh, because of my pale skin I am a serious burner too, bad sunburn is the worst! I hope you feel better. Thank goodness for nice mummies/boyfriends!


  3. wow, great bargain on the bag! It does look incredibly similar, I love your dress :D


  4. oh my. i can not wait to wear my oxfords when my 30 for 30 is up and during the winter. glad you had a wonderful day with your two are so cute...also when i go out in the sun..i have to use a gallon of SPF 70..i am ready for summer to be over, so is my pale skin. xoox

  5. I absolutely love your blog- I come to it for inspiration since you always have such a cheerful disposition! Anyhow, I'm so sorry about your bad day at work-- sometimes when little things build up, it helps to just cry and cry. Hope that August is a wonderful month for you, dearie.

    And PS: I can't wait to wear Autumn attire as well- it's my favorite season.

  6. You look adorable! I love those shoes! There has been a pair of oxfords at UO I've been eyeing for awhile. Definitely on my fall wishlist. I don't blame you for wearing your fall attire. All day I've been thinking about fall clothes. I even made my second fall wardrobe purchase last night!

    And I would fly out to NJ and go to the shore with you in a heartbeat! I need to go to ANY shore before the summer ends, but I don't think that it's gonna happen. Blah.

    Hope your days get better! They seem to be looking up, especially with Brian's help!

  7. you look gorgeous in these photos! I love your blog although I think this may be my first time commenting. Anyways, keep up the good work! :)

    PS amazing amazing amazing scarf.

  8. Sounds like you had a great Friday! I love the outfit. The scarf...that is amazing! :] Sorry to hear about your Wednesday, but I am glad Brian helped make it better. You look gorgeous in your photos.

  9. fall is best. nice post title, brand new is also best.

  10. beautiful dress and shoes! xx

  11. aww Brian sounds like a real keeper!

    That is a gorgeous scarf, and I love your new bag too :)

  12. Your such a babe! I love every outfit of yours. Your boyfriend sounds so lovely, but gee your work sounds so sink! Is it the Ice Cream shop? I used to have a job that was like that, its such a drag. Perhaps you should look around for something else.


  13. Gorgeous scarf, you look so exotically beautiful in these pictures - I did a double take there. I just love your bag (went to check the site) and oxford has been in my wishlist since forever. I guess I should really start investing in one ;)

  14. You look so cute sunburned, Caitlyn! But ouch. :( Brian sounds like such a sweetheart and I think ice cream on a warm cookie would very much make any day better!

    The oxfords are perfect and I can imagine you styling them in so many ways for fall. Thanks for your compliment on my red shoes. I like them so much that I bought them in black too. So ridiculous :P

    B from A plus B

  15. Your shoes are very sweet. Oxfords have to be one of the cutest kinds of shoes ever.

    Also your bag looks very classy. Yay for finding cheaper look a likes for expensive wish list items.

    That modcloth scarf makes me so happy. It's so unexpected but perfect.
    Great outfit.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  16. Adorable!
    I love your eyes, they are so big! Beautiful.
    And i fell in love with your style, especially your scarf. x

  17. these photos are adorable.
    i love your white tights.

  18. Oh just wooow!!! What a great blog you have here!!! Found your blog from bonjour.babydoll and love it :) Def. come back!

    Such a gorgeous girl with amazing style!!!

  19. Oh, you two are beyond adorable! I LOVE your outfit, too; the white tights and oxfords, and your amazing scarf! And the BAG! So basically I love all of it. You're so freaking inspiring, girl.

  20. You have such a cute blog layout! And I love your pictures, they are lovely. :D

  21. You are seriously the cutest. And Congrats about the Deans list! Thats so amazing...seriously, good on you. Im so glad that your mum treated you to those gorgeous shoes. So deserving! hehe. You look perfect in this outfit and I love the photo of you and your two are the sweetest. x

  22. I love your cat scarf, I love your shoes, and I love how sweet your bf is :) I'm sorry you had such a rough day, but happy your bf took good care of you :)

  23. Hurray for super sweet boyfriends! They tend to make even the worst days just a little bit better. And where they fail, that cat scarf will definitely pick up! Sooooo cute!

    -Weezy from

  24. Wow, I lve your blog and your style and you are so pretty too!

    Love your blog and that top is lovely!

    I've joined your followers and will add you to my reading list :)

    If you get chance please check out my blog I'm holding a little vintage giveaway if you're interested?

    Vikki xxx

  25. I love your blog! And that scarf :p

  26. such a cute blog, can't believe i only just found it!!!!! love what you're wearing today, perfect.

  27. love it and the scarf is adorable!


  28. Love your bag and shoes!


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