Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some little tid bits from my outfit today:

Modcloth dress, Urban Outfitter's Necklace, Boutique Earrings

And some picture spam of my fuzzy valentine looking adorable:

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful day filled with lots of candy, yummy treats and love (and kitten snuggles if you own a kitty!!)!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!! <3
    oh my goodness you kitty is the cutest thing ever..
    i love the last picture..

  2. happy valentines day!! your little kitty is so cute and photogenic! :) xo

  3. your kitty is very cute. Hope your day is splendid from start to end

  4. Your kitty is adorable and I love your unique earrings!

  5. The kitty is so cute. :) Love your owl earrings!


  6. Beautiful photos! :) I especially love the earrings.

    Enter my giveaway if you have time:

  7. lovely blog! that cookie looks delish!


  8. I don't own a kitty, but yours kind of makes me want to borrow one for a day! But only a day, seeing as I'd rather a miniature dachshund, and have been dropping hints to my boyfriend for about a year now.

    Your dress it way cute by the way! Love the bold pattern and the lace collar it has to it :)

    Hope the boy made your day extra special!


  9. Isn't Modcloth a fantastic company?! I'm obsessed with them. But I *really* like your necklace! I'm a new follower! :-)

  10. Oh my gosh your kitty is so cute! My valentine was my jack russell. I love him so much!
    You look lovely by the way. And umm... Those eyes of yours are kind of making me jealous.

  11. Adorable ModCloth dress, just love the peter pan collar. Wonderful to discover your lovely blog, and loving your inspirational style. And a big aww, to the fuzzy Valentine. xx veronika

  12. Yay! I can't wait to see more outfit post from you little lady! Aaaannnnd, you should've taken a picture of your nails too because I think that there's a lil'somehtin' going on there too that matches your dress and earrings, yes? but that's ok, i'm the worst at catching details on myself.
    Anyways, just wanted to say hi and hope you're well!!!

  13. Ah thanks guys! I love Modcloth, hate their prices and abundance of things that makes it hard not to buy them D:

    And my nails were done with Sally Hansen nail decal things... I forget their name but I'm sure you've seen what they are, all over the blogosphere lol

  14. love the owl ear rings , and must i say u have beautiful eyes :) adores your eye color


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