Monday, February 7, 2011

A MishMosh of a post

Sometimes it's so hard to wonder how to start these posts, since I have so much- yet so little to say. I guess for starters it's extremely hard to do this whole blog thing single handedly. Brian commutes to go to school so I rarely get to see him during the week. I don't own a tripod or anything so it's super hard to take outfit pictures without him. Honestly he is such a crucial piece of my blog! It's been so incredibly cold out today all I wanted to wear was something cute and cozy, so behold my lazy day couture in the form of an awful mirror picture:

On Friday I also got my other thigh tattooed! If you don't remember, I got deer on my one thigh which you can see here! I wanted to have a cohesive forest family theme and I think my artist did an awesome job!

I think that I am going to beg beg beg Brian to take some outfit pictures at some point this week, even if we have to try an indoors setup. Or maybe I just need to buy a tripod. Anyways, I'm glad to be back even if things are a little out of whack in my outfit posts for a while!

Oh and by the way, this song has been stuck in my head all day. I highly suggest that if you have never heard it before (how is that possible?!) to put this on repeat. You can thank me later...


  1. awww..your so beautiful tumblr buddy! ;P
    i really am glad you are back.
    i am lucky if i get to do 2 sets of outfit pictures a week bc the husband works so much. :)
    oh my goodness..i love the forest family theme in tattoos..they really are beautiful tattoos.
    have a great week love! <3

  2. I hate doing outfit shots without Morne. We now have an agreement to get two sets of outfit photos per week and spend about ten minutes on each.. that's all he has time for! But it's working out well lately :)

    I love your spotty blouse and your tattoo is the cutest!!

  3. I totally agree that lacking of a tripod stinks..... whenever I don't have Big Kev around, I have to resort to balancing his camera on the back of his couch in order to take pictures. :( Pretty pleased with your mirror shot still :) Love the color of that cardigan.

    P.S.... that song is fantastic. First time I heard it was actually through a mock "trailer" for The Oregon Trail. Haha, suck an awkward way to come across the band, but I totally googled the lyrics, and 10 minutes later had the song on my ipod!


  4. Oh my, your tattoo looks absolutely wonderful! Those foxes are just too darn cute :D

  5. I think a forest family set of tattoos is so wonderfully you! :) ANd yes, invest in a cheap tripod. It's a great tool to have around when you feel like you're wearing something stellar but no one can take your picture!

    Also I love Home. Very sweet song. There's a youtube link somewhere out there of a father and daughter singing a duet.

    Bea from A plus B

  6. Awww your tattoos are both adorable! You're a brave girl, I always think of getting a tattoo and then again I'm too much a coward to go and have it done ;)

  7. That is the most amazing tattoo! Seriously, it fits you perfectly I love it! You should totally invest in a tripod. I don't know what I'd do without mine!


  8. THank you all :) I actually hate getting tattoos, I just love them so much and all the amazingly pretty things you can get them of!

    And Amanda I know I totally need a tripod, it's just such a boring thing I hate to spend money on haha

  9. I totally get yout frustation without a tripod! ;)
    Love the polka dot shirt... I'm a polka dot girl!!!!! And your kitten is sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!


  10. that tattoo is absolutely incredible!! it looks like a painting, it reminds me of farthing wood! love the blog, your photo's are really sweet! x

  11. Thanks! I love them. Thinking of getting pretty script underneath each one too. I have never heard of Farthing Wood but when I looked it up I was so surprised to see how similar the fox was to mine! Sooo cute!

  12. your tattoo is amazing! i'm off to snoop around here to see if i can find any pictures of your others.

  13. the tattoo is awesome ! , i love the colors

    i stop writing outfit posts because there is no one to help me to snap mine ! my mum nags too much if i ask the favor from her ! lol


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