Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just some little things

that have me pretty excited lately!

My amazing fox salt and pepper shakers. They are soo beautiful I can not wait to move with Brian and put these in our kitchen! Also my amazing terrarium which was a gift from Brian for Valentine's Day. It's from Moss Terrariums, and i would seriously recommend anyone to them. (My terrarium came packed so well!) It is so beautiful and I am so happy to have a plant that I won't kill (I'm awful at watering plants...) I want them in all different sizes!

(A peek inside, Brian bought me those hedgehogs in there!)

My Instax Mini! I really shouldn't have gone ahead and splurged on one but I couldn't help myself... I absolutely adore it, I wish I had unlimited film packs!

Wonderful things (purse, cardigan and headband!) from Urban Outfitters. Honestly I think I could purchase their entire store right now. Holy cow I had to resist so hard by only buying things I was set on getting from there! Believe you me that I will be stalking their stuff for sales!

and my sleepy baby <3

Cross your fingers for nice weather this week as I am itching to do an outfit post (It's been sooo long). I am really excited!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some little tid bits from my outfit today:

Modcloth dress, Urban Outfitter's Necklace, Boutique Earrings

And some picture spam of my fuzzy valentine looking adorable:

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful day filled with lots of candy, yummy treats and love (and kitten snuggles if you own a kitty!!)!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A MishMosh of a post

Sometimes it's so hard to wonder how to start these posts, since I have so much- yet so little to say. I guess for starters it's extremely hard to do this whole blog thing single handedly. Brian commutes to go to school so I rarely get to see him during the week. I don't own a tripod or anything so it's super hard to take outfit pictures without him. Honestly he is such a crucial piece of my blog! It's been so incredibly cold out today all I wanted to wear was something cute and cozy, so behold my lazy day couture in the form of an awful mirror picture:

On Friday I also got my other thigh tattooed! If you don't remember, I got deer on my one thigh which you can see here! I wanted to have a cohesive forest family theme and I think my artist did an awesome job!

I think that I am going to beg beg beg Brian to take some outfit pictures at some point this week, even if we have to try an indoors setup. Or maybe I just need to buy a tripod. Anyways, I'm glad to be back even if things are a little out of whack in my outfit posts for a while!

Oh and by the way, this song has been stuck in my head all day. I highly suggest that if you have never heard it before (how is that possible?!) to put this on repeat. You can thank me later...