Friday, May 21, 2010

Sandal Weather

So today it was absolutely amazing out, around the low 80s, not too hot, but warm enough. I'm really not that big of a sandal person, (I find myself wearing the same flats almost everyday), but today was too nice not to pull out my favorite sandals. Brian (my fiance), and I took a trip down to the mall today and I picked up, what is probably one of the only hats I now own. I hope to do an outfit post with this hat next week! I also got new flats (!!), a cardigan, and a cute headband. Ahhh how I love shopping. Tomorrow I have work in the night so I plan on posting an About Me post sometime during the day, or late night tomorrow. Thanks so much for reading!

Skirt and Belt- Urban Outfitters ; Shirt- Charolette Russe ; Cardigan- Target ; Shoes- Minnetonka.

(Ick sorry for the noticable cat clothes and my cat don't mesh well..)

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  1. Omg, I love this outfit so much. You look pretty!


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