Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry for the laziness

So I did wear a cute dress today, and I must say it's one of my favorites, but I was so busy I didn't have time to take pictures and do a real post. I went shopping with my mom today (which I haven't done in a little while), and got some really awesome things from this boutique like store called Francesca's Collection. To be honest, their website kinda sucks, but their store is so cozy, and there are so many surprises in every nook and cranny of the small space.

My mom really is awesome though, she got me a lot of things that I really am in love with. Silly as it sounds I am too excited about my new clothes to even sleep (lol)!

I also lightened my hair (slightly) this morning. I can hardly tell the difference, but my mom begs to differ. And I finally decided to go back to side bangs. I used to have side bangs for a very very long time and after watching (500) Days of Summer, well I felt compulsed to try and be half as cute as Zooey with her adorable bangs. But they got very annoying, very fast, and I feel much more comfortable in side bangs.

I also wanted to say thank you so much to you guys, for your extremely sweet comments and your following me. It's been putting a huge smile on my face to know I started this blog only a couple days ago (almost out of force by Brian haha), and I already have some amazing followers. You guys truly are awesome!

Have a lovely night! I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with a post of one of my lovely new dresses!


  1. Well, you have an amazing blog so it's hard not to be in love with it!

    Oh, and I am totally with you on the new clothes thing. I think when I new clothes, I changed outfits every hour it seems!


  2. I know exactly what you mean, the day after I buy new clothes I am so excited to get up and dressed in the morning, more than is normal haha.

    I have full bangs and it drives me crazy having to get them cut every month or so but i love them. and zooey deschanel is my favourite, i aspire to be as cute as her!


  3. aaahhh.. you have such an adorable blog here!!! im off to looking at your other posts! :D

  4. Zooey's cuteness has made me cut myself awkward bangs on more than one occasion. It's a conspiracy.


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