Sunday, May 23, 2010

Workin' the Weekend Away...

Eek, sorry guys, I really have been busy all yesterday, and tonight also. I hope to have some kind of other post up today besides this, and hopefully a new outfit post on Monday! I figured this morning before I begin cleaning... (which really needs to be done) I'd do a little post about site(s) that make me lust over their amazing clothes.

1. Ruche. has incredibly feminine and classy clothing. Almost everything they put onto their site I can imagine styling. I love all their florals and pastel colors they seem to coordinate in their clothing choices. I have ordered from them two times before and have been extremely happy. (Hopefully sometime soon you will get to see these lovely dresses!!) Currently I am desperately wanting this romper and this dress. How absolutely perfect are they? Along with pages and pages of beautiful clothing that will make any thrifty person give in and splurge a little, they also release beautiful lookbooks that make the clothes even more necessary to buy. Don't believe me? Take a look below...

2. Modcloth

Oh, how you seem to purposely update your clothing everyday to make my list of necessities grow and grow. I believe I love Modcloth for the fact that their clothing is so varied, yet it all seems to go cohesively together. Besides all of their incredible clothing they sell tons of apartment and knick knack things that, if you know me you know I can't get enough house goods and knic knacks. As stated before they add new clothes almost everyday, which for a serial window shopper like myself, is overwhelmingly fun. Below are some of my favorites that I'm hoping I can one day get... if they come back into stock! (Click them to go to their purchase pages!)

When it comes to cute clothes online shopping these are my go-to places. If you have any that you love I'd love to know what they are! (I love finding new window shopping places!) I do hope to post an About Me sometime in the future.... and tomorrow do another outfit post. But for now it's off to clean!

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  1. I love ModCloth, but have yet to buy anything from there. Someday, though! :)


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