Friday, May 28, 2010

Springtime out the Van Window

Okay, so I lied, I didn't get an outfit post in yesterday. But I have completely valid reasoning! It was downpouring, like bucketfulls of rain, and I was at work when it was semi-decent out before that. Therefor I felt completely un-enthused to try to take pictures inside. I think the outdoor ones are so much prettier. Although it was raining, Brian and I got really delicious Thai food yesterday, and took a trip back up to the mall where I got this amazing shirt and scarf (which was 40% off!!). Today we took these in a field near the farm I live by. Its the most secluded perfect place. It's high up and it drops off really steep off the side, and the view is amazing. I wish the sun was out more, but we made do.

Cardigan, Shirt & Scarf- Francesca's Collection ; Shorts- Marshalls ; Belt- Gap ; Shoes- Aldo ; Ring- Pier 1 Imports (weird right?).

It actually makes me laugh that this ring was from some place so random. I had been looking for just a cheap plastic flower ring everywhere, but I couldn't find it. Almost all the rings I found were obnoxiously big, but this one was perfect!

Isn't the detailing on this scarf amazing? In itself, it's an awkward scarf, because it is a continuous loop (it's called the infinity scarf), but I made do because the lace is so gorgeous and wore it almost in a necklace fashion.

I don't know about you but the feeling of putting on a brand new, amazing quality cardigan is amazing. And the color of this cardigan was a must have for the pretty spring weather.

Sorry my post was a day late, hope it was worth the wait! Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. omg you dress so sharp and so lovely!!!

  2. Omg how lovely! This outfit is perfectly cute, I love everything about it :)

  3. You are lovely dear! I love your style so much (I've been gushing over you my last few comments on your blog...I'm not a creeper, promise!). I've been looking for a flower ring like that too. I've been watching a few on Etsy, but who woulda thought Pier 1?!

  4. oh my god your blog is amazing, im suprised you don't have more followers.

    you have such a cute style.

    anyway i love your blog
    keep up the great posts


  5. you always dress so perfectly! i love that outfit and that white scarf thing is simply your style ;)

  6. oh there are a lot of cheap ones on ebay, i guess you have to really look around.
    as for the film, its hard because its so expensive. you should really ask around for cameras :P

  7. You look super pretty! Love the rose ring. :)

  8. Gorgeous!! I just stumbled upon your blog. Your pictures and outfits are awesome. I'm definitely a follower now :)

  9. Love your ring! I never wear rings, for some reason...

  10. (: Thank you all so much. And @Rebecca I used to never wear rings but now they are my favorite piece of jewelry!

  11. i used to have those shoes! but unfortunately i wore them out...
    and i love your scarf and those photos are so lovely =]

  12. You have a great little blog here.. and you're so freakin' adorable. :) and creative! I love it. Hope you're having a fabulous three day weekend.

    xx Love & Aloha
    ***Stop by to enter my InezDesigns giveaway!

  13. you have such beautiful clothes and you are so gorgeous! i love the scarf.


  14. Love the cardi's colour & the scarf is amazing. Looks brilliant together.

    I think outside shots are always worth the wait although I get antsy after a few days of my tripod collecting dust.

  15. You can never go wrong with really light Denim!

  16. I should have gotten a better picture of them but they are actually white with light blue pinstriping on them.

  17. cute outfit and beautiful photos!


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