Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art is Hard

So here's a quickie post to hold you over until my tattoo/outfit post on Tuesday!!

I'm an art major so obviously I love art. I've shared some crafty things I've done with you but none of my fine art work so I have decided to post a few of my favorite charcoals I've done! I really enjoy charcoaling people mostly, but I've started to brand out from that bit although that is still my first love when it comes to drawing!

(Sorry for the watermarking- Artwork stealers on the internet kinda don't make me happy!)

V For Vendetta

My brother and I (circa 96')

Brian and I

Most recently done -My Hieronymus Bosch inspired image for Art History II.

Have a great Monday everyone!

**Sorry if the pictures overlap the whole layout of the page - I didn't want to resize them and ruin their true sizing!

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  1. oh my you are so talented! i love the one of you and brian :)


  2. You are definitely talented. The ones of you and Brian is sweet. I hope one day you do a shoot where you are sketching. I bet it would be beautiful :)

    Share more with us in the future!

    B from A plus B

  3. looks amazing girl!! i was a art major in college & i def was the worst drawer EVER!!! i wanted to cry in every drawing class.. thank goodness there are other concentration than drawing. lol. i should really do that watermarking...didnt think about people stealing. xoxo
    (def check out that Bravo show it/they are awesome.)

  4. These are incredible, girl!! The one of you and Brian is so cute. I wish I was so talented.

  5. Oh my goodness!! So stoked to have stumbled upon your blog this morning. I'm in love with your clothes!! you and your partner are so cute together and the little Kitty cupboard!!! Too much.
    I am your newest Follower


  6. those are very good indeed!
    you've done a fantastic job :)
    I like the one you did with you and Brian, very nice...


  7. wow babe so talented! I love the way you capture people~

  8. very incredible indeed... I love the one of you and brian especially.

  9. Amazing! You are super talented! xo style, she wrote


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