Monday, June 21, 2010

.. Till Thursday!

First off, if you haven't visited since my last post, I made a new layout! The last one was kind of crap-shacked together, so I decided to make something a little more official since my blog is growing!! I also added a formspring box to your right of this post! I figured I'd put it up so you could ask me anything if you ever had too!

So yesterday after Brian got off of work I was all excited to do an outfit post. We went out and took pictures, but for some reason I just wasn't completely happy with them, no matter how many we took. (and that was a lot!) Some were semi-salvageable, but I didn't want to force it and post something I'm not happy with just for the sake of posting it. You know? The only downside to this is that I have almost no time to post again till Thursday! Because of exciting things of course!!
Today I went to work and thought I might be able to get a post in, but Brian's good friend Justin invited us to a pizza place in Port Jervis (about 45 minutes away). So I ran home got changed and we left. After about 20 minutes of driving in circles (Obviously Justin didn't really know where this place was...) We got to a tiny little place that was decorated inside with wood paneling that had hunting images printed all over it and a completely tacky retro feel. In other words it was completely ridiculous. But the pizza was amazing. I'll quote Justin on this one "It's like they put crack in this pizza!" Haha.
Tomorrow no post at all because Brian and I will be seeing the band Thrice!! Thrice is Brian's favorite band, and he has a really huge guy crush on Dustin Kensrue (the lead guitarist/singer). It's actually kind of cute haha. But that should be an awesome time, and I am planning on wearing a T and basic shorts since my nice clothes would probably just end up getting destroyed...
Wednesday I am not doing anything exciting but alas Brian and I will probably both be dead after being out nice and late from the concert the night before. I will make sure to fill you in on all that on Thursday. That means an extra long post to catch up on everything!

Whew... I think that's it!! So have a wonderful week everyone!

Oh and to give this post some sort of substance.... These are a couple of way to expensive things Modcloth has been making me drool over..


  1. Have fun at the concert and I love these Modcloth pieces!! So very Modcloth :)

  2. love you new layout. Its very cute! That Pizza place sounds like fun.
    Love the dress and shoes too!


  3. The new layout is adorable! and i love the scalloped cardi, too cute.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Um, those shoes are slightly amazing!

  5. I know the feeling too well, sometimes I just am not happy with the photos and I'm quite fussy about what I put on my blog, sometimes I feel like I let good outfits go to waste.

  6. your layout is ADORABLE! how did you get it so cute? i am not techy at all and my blog is so plain :/ hopefully these holidays i will have time to figure out how to spice it up haha.

    have fun at the concert, can't wait to see your next outfit post :)


  7. I didn't want to force it and post something I'm not happy with just for the sake of posting it.

    I know what you mean but sometimes I just really need to post that day (scheduled) even if I don't like my outfit. It makes me a bit embarassed about my post though. Haha

    The modcloth pieces are pretty. I will hop on over to their site right after this.

  8. eeeep that first dress is to die for.
    oh modcloth, you make me want to spend all of my money!

  9. I love the new layout! And I get not wanting to post your outfits when you just feel meh about the pictures. I've definitely posted ones that I didn't love and it just didn't seem right.

  10. Ahh, I so have the Gettin' Dolled Up Dress on my Modcloth wish list. :D


  11. your blog design is mega cute pretty! :D and omg, you work in an ice cream shop?? thats awesome!! :D i like modcloth too but theyre too pricey for me :(

    {no, it's not about birds}

  12. that deer necklace!
    i have almost the exact same one but from a shop here in South Africa...and mine is a brass type of colour.

    love your blog.
    and you're very pretty.



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