Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happiness By the Kilowatt

Hi everyone! I am in such a great mood, because the past few days have been absolutely excellent! To cover everything I think I am going to seperate this post by days on which events occured, starting with the Thrice concert!!This is probably going to be long so sorry in advance!


Brian and I travelled to Allentown, Pennsylvannia to Crocodile Rock Cafe for a Thrice concert! It was absolutely incredible, we got to be up so close to the stage (I was literally behind only one person!) and they played my favorite song by them, A Song for Milly Michaelson. I know a lot of you may not even know what they sound like or anything so I've posted the song below for you to hear! That song is mine and Brian's song. Pretty much since we were first together, we would listen to this CD all the time, and I always told him how much that song made me think of him. It was embarrassing but I honestly had to almost hold back tears when they played it live it was so beautiful!

On another note, the funniest thing happened on our way to Crocodile Rock. Since we had no idea where to park, we ended up having to kind of find our way there, so as we were walking we pass this Italian restaurant and there are two guys walking in wearing jeans, white shirts and vans. Considering the area I immediately said "Those kids must be going to the Thrice show later", and Brian goes "No, they are in Thrice! It's the bassist and the guitarist!" Now if you know Brian, he has a reputation of getting people's faces wrong ALL THE TIME. He thinks it's funny he has no idea who anyone is... Anyways, I was like "Brian no it's not them" but alas he walks in after them anyways. I watch embarresed outside as he went up and shook their hands and turns out it really was them! Just sitting down for a nice italian meal! Haha! It was so hilarious I can't believe we actually ran into them on the street. Maybe I should give Brian more credit with that stuff....


Okay to be honest, Wednesday wasn't that exciting, but I really enjoyed just relaxing after a crazy night at the Thrice show! Brian and I went out to Panera bread and the strangest thing happened to me. We were sitting outside eating and Brian went in to refill my iced tea (yum yum) so I was sitting outside alone. This strange woman - who I have no idea who she is - comes up to me and says "Hey can I share some shade with you". It was so awkward, considering there were four other tables and she wanted to sit with me. I was thinking nonstop 'where is Brian where is Brian!' But I nicely said someone was already sitting there and she left.. PHEW. Anyways we then spent the night doing some crafting (I made a cute stuffed owl while Brian painted some miniatures!), while we watched Van Helsing, Pretty Little Liars and Secret Life.


Brian and I haven't gone on a real shopping trip in so long so we decided that today was going to be the day we just go crazy and get lots of stuff. We stopped at a really good bagel place called Bagel Bistro on our way to the mall and got a pumpernickle bagel and a french toast bagel, and then split them both (I love sharing with Brian, it's the best of both worlds when it comes to food!). Then we were on our way, and well we did lots' o shoppin. Well, I did. Brian is so good about it though, he loves helping me pick out clothes and little nifty things. And he is always more than happy to treat me to special things. He's wonderful. Anyways below is a picture of my loot! (It's funny how well my purchases sum up the things I like, cute, and girly!)

(The things I got today, Matryoshka measuring cups, Floral/bird coasters, Massive soft plastic fawn, Bird measuring tape, Sexy Little Things Noir perfume spray, Acai Berry & Magnolia body wash, For Audrey Nail polish, Calico Critters cat on seesaw (sososo cuteee!), 3 new shirts, shorts, Nude kitten heels, and a deer button! Phew)

I wore my favorite (only!) romper today, because I felt it complimented my Ruche necklace I received in the mail a couple days ago! Well and also because it was sweltering hot out today. I hate when it gets to be in the 90s. So excuse how unhappy I may look, I just hate hot weather!

Romper- Charlotte Russe ; Shoes- Urban Outfitters ; Necklace- Ruche

Isn't this necklace just too precious? I am so in love with all sorts of whimsical things like this, especially rocking horses! I used to have a really nice one when I was little I would always spend so much time rocking back and forth on, and now that I'm older I can wear my horse around my neck!

I know my outfit post was short, but there was so much I didn't want to overkill it haha. Anyways, Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. I want Matroyshka measuring cups! Excellent find and I wouldn't say no to a Ruche shopping spree (only in my dreams).

    A from A Plus B in the Sea

  2. you have such an adorable style! from what i can see..those shirts you just got in that picture are cuuute!
    very cute blog!

    natalie :)

  3. that romper is too cute for words!

  4. Your romper and necklace are amazing! Gosh, sounds like you've had such an awesome/busy week!

  5. I love the print of the romper! Very cute.

  6. you are soooo gorgeous!! Love your outfit,

  7. the concert sounds wonderful, i almost cried when i saw coldplay live last year and they played my favourite song, 'swallowed in the sea', haha.

    oh, look at all your purchases! i am so jealous! i actually saw those measuring cups last week and it was so hard to walk away from them, but i was broke after splurging at TopShop :(

    can't wait to see your new clothes styled!


  8. Caitlyn, your loot looks like Christmas day! Total shopping spree! I love all the deer stuff and the nail polish color looks so good. I can't wait to see your new buys on the blog.

    Brian sounds so sweet :)Oh, and your necklace is so unique!

  9. What a fun shopping trip! I have those measuring cups and they are so fun! I'm planning on seeing Thrice on Monday, but I'm actually going to see Kevin Devine too. Hopefully if my friend works his magic, I may get VIP.

  10. Hah those are actually my second set of Matryoshka cups! I have ceramic ones from Anthropologie also, but I figured I should get ones that I care a little less about if they break!

    And I saw Kevin Devine too! It was The Dig, Bad Veins, Kevin Devine, and then Thrice! All so good! Your going to love it!

  11. I love ! it's very beautiful :) your dress is cute ! sorry for my english ^^

  12. Absolutely cute! That romper is so lovely! It has a bow on it too! :)

  13. Your romper is so cute! I love this whole seem like such a happy person.

  14. LOVE this outfit! your blog is sweet. happy to find you. please stop by and say hi!


  15. i am super jealous of your shopping spree. you scored some amazing things!!! xoxox

  16. That romper is adorable! I love the print and the cut. And OMG Calico Critters!!! I used to have tons of them when I was little. The otter family was my favourite.

  17. you look so adorable! love the romper and the necklace!! ^.^

  18. I love that deer that you bought on Thursday. It is precious! I am lovin' the romper and necklace.


  19. wow seems like you've had an amazing couple of days, and oh dear about mistaking the band, its an easy mistake, but something that would mae the concert more memorable! :) love your romper, such a lovely print, and the necklace goes beautifully with it :)

  20. I love this romper!! It looks fantastic on you.


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