Monday, June 28, 2010

Lost Continent

I was so very excited to wear my new clothes today from my shopping spree last week! For a while there I was finding absolutely nothing at H&M, and most of the stuff was really loud and not my style at all, but the last time I went I think I wanted to take home the whole store! Both my top and my shorts are from there! I feel as though the stuff has gotten so classy, and I'm a huge fan of anything high waisted so these shorts were absolutely perfect!

Shirt & Shorts- H&M ; Shoes- Target ; Necklace-Made by me ; Belt- Borrowed from Mom ; Bag- Flea Market

Yes, I am wearing different shoes... Crazy right? To be completely honest I'm not really a shoe person and I only buy shoes if they are a. Really cheap or b. I fall madly in love with them. These shoes happened to fit both categories for they were only $12 at Target. I told Brian I needed to start adding a better mix of shoes into my outfits and these fit all my qualifications! Plus the kitten heel is a baby step up from my usual flats hah.

Just take a second and look at this adorable little fawn. I probably went into cuteness overload considering I have been highly obsessed with deer lately, and this little guy just kept getting closer and closer to us. Seriously so cute!

I also received a package from Spotted Moth today! I was so excited to have won their giveaway on Flattery's blog! Can't wait to style this adorable little bracelet for you all! I'm thinking next post! Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I feel like I am repeating myself but you are so gorgeous and your style amazing, I am in love with those shorts! And your owl necklace! I want it!

    Hehe, the fawn. Adorable.


  2. This outfit is lovely! Cute shorts :)

  3. that's a darling whole outfit!
    and i cannot believe a baby deer just came up. =)
    lovely post!

  4. Oh good grief I love your outfit!!! Pink AND Polkadots....perfection!!!! And I am right there with you on the shoes...I always buy mine at target or forever21...the cheaper the better..more money for me to spend on dresses!!! xoxo

  5. haha Gee, exactly I would much rather buy a new dress than a pair of shoes!

  6. I love the neutral ensemble and OH MY GOODNESS that fawn! so so cute, I want it.

  7. oooh your hair is so perfect. as are those shorts and the bag :D
    love the blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  8. gah, the fawn, adorable! and that polka dot blouse is beautiful...i love that spots are everywhere this season. so cute and quirky!

  9. New to this blog: love the nude colours...i'm all abt that too atm.

    xx ciao

  10. tagged you in my latest post miss!

  11. I have so much to say regarding this post.

    -Caitlyn! Please stop featuring adorable deer! You are just killing me because I am so ENVIOUS! AH! If you had a picture next to it I would definitely be even more so. :P

    -I have a similar love-hate relationship with Topshop. For a few months they just had the most garish clothes on display. This season it is all pretty pastels!

    -I am not a shoe person either and probably wear just 3 or 4 pairs routinely on the blog. Personally, I like seeing bloggers who are the same way. It makes me feel content with the size of my wardrobe.

    -Oh and when I buy new clothes I tend to wear them straight away. My boyfriend always gives me grief for it :)

    Lastly, the outfit is so prettily put together. I like how the flea market bag is the pop of brown. I am a big fan of your style. It is constantly wonderful.

    B from A plus B

  12. You are so cute! I absolutely love everything about this outfit. And you clearly have more self restraint than I do because I would have attempted to pick up that fawn and bring it home with me!!!

  13. Hi, hun!
    I love your blog, and have passed an award along to you! You can find it here:

  14. I love your shorts and bag! They are so darn precious. The fawn...that is so cool and cute.


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