Friday, June 11, 2010

Here's Looking At You, Kid.

So today my outfit pretty much revolved around this amazing brooch I received this morning at the un-holy hour of 10:30 AM. Okay - so that's not really early at all, but I am not the biggest morning person and quite often lately I have been finding myself still awake at 3 AM... Anyways, my dad woke me to give me a chest filled with jewelry from my great aunt that they found. When I saw this amazing cameo brooch (and an assortment of other amazing cameo pieces!) I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. I also got the chance to wear my beautiful lace H&M dress for the first time! We headed back to Spring Street for pictures today! I just think this alleyway is awfully pretty.

Dress- H&M ; Cardigan- Forever 21 ; Shoes- SHI ; Brooch- My great aunt's ; Ring- Trimmings Boutique.

So really how cool are these funky flats... Hah usually I wouldn't go for shoes so flashy, but for some reason these stuck out to me, I like how they pick up the orangey tones in my brooch!

I bought this ring today! I think I was having a little bit over a freak out over this $12 ring and immediately made Brian take a picture of it. But isn't it amazing?!?! Somehow the jewels aren't tacky at all to me, and make it incredibly adorable!

After a little bit of shopping.. my mom and dad met up with Brian and I and we ate at this adorable cafe called Cheddar Alley. They have amazing cheeses and the interior is perfect, really. I got a delicious chicken quesdilla, while Brian opted for a crazy sandwich- as usual.

Oh! And I picked up these cuties today too! My mom found me my first bird like this at a flea market and since I have been slowly adding to my collection. Today I found a store with a jackpot of little ceramic birds, so I picked up three of the most unique and I hope to go back for more soon! Seriously though I think Spring Street has become one of my new favorites, there are so many nifty shops that are all independently owned. And the really delicious cafe there is an added perk after a day of shopping haha !

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  1. i love everything you are wearing. & your hair looks wonderful..i wish my darn hair would do that.

  2. Wow, suuuper lucky heirloom! That brooch is beautiful, as is everything else you are wearing. I am in love with owls, so that ring to me is just amazing.

    GREAT finds!

  3. I agree with the first comment. You are so pretty and I love your clothing and style. You know how to wear things :)
    Very delicate and romantic outfit!

  4. Oh, Caitlyn this outfit is so soft and pretty. I love it :) I like the brooch too. I hope to find a cameo necklace like that one day.

    I am totally amused by the bird collection. It is adorable! THe birds are cute but not too twee

    B from A plus B

  5. ahhh, so many pretty things! i lovvvee your dress, flats, ring (i'm obsessed with owls) and brooch! your hair always looks so good.
    i have a really cool cameo necklace that belonged to my grandmother, you have inspired me to wear it more often!


  6. Oh your outfit and accessories are adorable! Love the lacey dress and the cameo brooch, that gives your look such a cute whimsical touch :)
    These little birds are lovely, too! Something I'd definitely buy too on the fleamarket!
    And I must say you and your boyfriend are such a cute and pretty couple :)

  7. i love everything about your outfit! and your hair is soooo pretty :)

  8. Oh, you're lovely!

    I love those little birds!


  9. How cute is that outfit! Seriously, amazing!

    And I love the ceramic birds...what a creative thing to collect!

  10. I love love love this outfit! Your dress is so cute and that brooch is wonderful :)

  11. your outfit is so cute. I love the cameo brooch ^.^


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