Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silver Wings

Hello everybody! Today's (Technically yesterdays!) outfit I tried to focus around the awesome bow bracelet I received from Spotted Moth the other day! To be honest it was harder than I though, since I rarely wear more than rings and necklaces, and it was such a bold piece. At first I was going to be matchy matchy and wear similar colors, but instead I was daring and wore really feminine pieces instead to enhance the bow feature.

Shirt- H&M ; Skirt- Urban Outfitters ; Shoes- Borrowed from Mom ; Bracelet- c/o Spotted Moth.

You may not know this but I loveee nail polish! Especially blue and green ones! I was so excited to find this beautiful Tiffany Blue color at Sally's on my mall trip! It's called Something for Audrey by China Glaze.

This skirt is probably one of the most expensive things I own ($58), but I couldn't resist the beautiful detailing! It seriously is the prettiest skirt ever, yet I rarely wear it because I am so very careful with it. (If the lace ever ripped....)

Well I'm off to be extremely lazy today, including lots of relaxing by my pool (finally nice out when I have work off!!) Have a wonderful day everyone!

**Oh and one more thing.... The eternal question I will never know the answer to - Side bangs or Full bangs? I'd really like to know what you guys think (especially how you feel I look in either/both) I keep flip flopping back and forth!***

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lost Continent

I was so very excited to wear my new clothes today from my shopping spree last week! For a while there I was finding absolutely nothing at H&M, and most of the stuff was really loud and not my style at all, but the last time I went I think I wanted to take home the whole store! Both my top and my shorts are from there! I feel as though the stuff has gotten so classy, and I'm a huge fan of anything high waisted so these shorts were absolutely perfect!

Shirt & Shorts- H&M ; Shoes- Target ; Necklace-Made by me ; Belt- Borrowed from Mom ; Bag- Flea Market

Yes, I am wearing different shoes... Crazy right? To be completely honest I'm not really a shoe person and I only buy shoes if they are a. Really cheap or b. I fall madly in love with them. These shoes happened to fit both categories for they were only $12 at Target. I told Brian I needed to start adding a better mix of shoes into my outfits and these fit all my qualifications! Plus the kitten heel is a baby step up from my usual flats hah.

Just take a second and look at this adorable little fawn. I probably went into cuteness overload considering I have been highly obsessed with deer lately, and this little guy just kept getting closer and closer to us. Seriously so cute!

I also received a package from Spotted Moth today! I was so excited to have won their giveaway on Flattery's blog! Can't wait to style this adorable little bracelet for you all! I'm thinking next post! Have a great day everyone!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happiness By the Kilowatt

Hi everyone! I am in such a great mood, because the past few days have been absolutely excellent! To cover everything I think I am going to seperate this post by days on which events occured, starting with the Thrice concert!!This is probably going to be long so sorry in advance!


Brian and I travelled to Allentown, Pennsylvannia to Crocodile Rock Cafe for a Thrice concert! It was absolutely incredible, we got to be up so close to the stage (I was literally behind only one person!) and they played my favorite song by them, A Song for Milly Michaelson. I know a lot of you may not even know what they sound like or anything so I've posted the song below for you to hear! That song is mine and Brian's song. Pretty much since we were first together, we would listen to this CD all the time, and I always told him how much that song made me think of him. It was embarrassing but I honestly had to almost hold back tears when they played it live it was so beautiful!

On another note, the funniest thing happened on our way to Crocodile Rock. Since we had no idea where to park, we ended up having to kind of find our way there, so as we were walking we pass this Italian restaurant and there are two guys walking in wearing jeans, white shirts and vans. Considering the area I immediately said "Those kids must be going to the Thrice show later", and Brian goes "No, they are in Thrice! It's the bassist and the guitarist!" Now if you know Brian, he has a reputation of getting people's faces wrong ALL THE TIME. He thinks it's funny he has no idea who anyone is... Anyways, I was like "Brian no it's not them" but alas he walks in after them anyways. I watch embarresed outside as he went up and shook their hands and turns out it really was them! Just sitting down for a nice italian meal! Haha! It was so hilarious I can't believe we actually ran into them on the street. Maybe I should give Brian more credit with that stuff....


Okay to be honest, Wednesday wasn't that exciting, but I really enjoyed just relaxing after a crazy night at the Thrice show! Brian and I went out to Panera bread and the strangest thing happened to me. We were sitting outside eating and Brian went in to refill my iced tea (yum yum) so I was sitting outside alone. This strange woman - who I have no idea who she is - comes up to me and says "Hey can I share some shade with you". It was so awkward, considering there were four other tables and she wanted to sit with me. I was thinking nonstop 'where is Brian where is Brian!' But I nicely said someone was already sitting there and she left.. PHEW. Anyways we then spent the night doing some crafting (I made a cute stuffed owl while Brian painted some miniatures!), while we watched Van Helsing, Pretty Little Liars and Secret Life.


Brian and I haven't gone on a real shopping trip in so long so we decided that today was going to be the day we just go crazy and get lots of stuff. We stopped at a really good bagel place called Bagel Bistro on our way to the mall and got a pumpernickle bagel and a french toast bagel, and then split them both (I love sharing with Brian, it's the best of both worlds when it comes to food!). Then we were on our way, and well we did lots' o shoppin. Well, I did. Brian is so good about it though, he loves helping me pick out clothes and little nifty things. And he is always more than happy to treat me to special things. He's wonderful. Anyways below is a picture of my loot! (It's funny how well my purchases sum up the things I like, cute, and girly!)

(The things I got today, Matryoshka measuring cups, Floral/bird coasters, Massive soft plastic fawn, Bird measuring tape, Sexy Little Things Noir perfume spray, Acai Berry & Magnolia body wash, For Audrey Nail polish, Calico Critters cat on seesaw (sososo cuteee!), 3 new shirts, shorts, Nude kitten heels, and a deer button! Phew)

I wore my favorite (only!) romper today, because I felt it complimented my Ruche necklace I received in the mail a couple days ago! Well and also because it was sweltering hot out today. I hate when it gets to be in the 90s. So excuse how unhappy I may look, I just hate hot weather!

Romper- Charlotte Russe ; Shoes- Urban Outfitters ; Necklace- Ruche

Isn't this necklace just too precious? I am so in love with all sorts of whimsical things like this, especially rocking horses! I used to have a really nice one when I was little I would always spend so much time rocking back and forth on, and now that I'm older I can wear my horse around my neck!

I know my outfit post was short, but there was so much I didn't want to overkill it haha. Anyways, Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

.. Till Thursday!

First off, if you haven't visited since my last post, I made a new layout! The last one was kind of crap-shacked together, so I decided to make something a little more official since my blog is growing!! I also added a formspring box to your right of this post! I figured I'd put it up so you could ask me anything if you ever had too!

So yesterday after Brian got off of work I was all excited to do an outfit post. We went out and took pictures, but for some reason I just wasn't completely happy with them, no matter how many we took. (and that was a lot!) Some were semi-salvageable, but I didn't want to force it and post something I'm not happy with just for the sake of posting it. You know? The only downside to this is that I have almost no time to post again till Thursday! Because of exciting things of course!!
Today I went to work and thought I might be able to get a post in, but Brian's good friend Justin invited us to a pizza place in Port Jervis (about 45 minutes away). So I ran home got changed and we left. After about 20 minutes of driving in circles (Obviously Justin didn't really know where this place was...) We got to a tiny little place that was decorated inside with wood paneling that had hunting images printed all over it and a completely tacky retro feel. In other words it was completely ridiculous. But the pizza was amazing. I'll quote Justin on this one "It's like they put crack in this pizza!" Haha.
Tomorrow no post at all because Brian and I will be seeing the band Thrice!! Thrice is Brian's favorite band, and he has a really huge guy crush on Dustin Kensrue (the lead guitarist/singer). It's actually kind of cute haha. But that should be an awesome time, and I am planning on wearing a T and basic shorts since my nice clothes would probably just end up getting destroyed...
Wednesday I am not doing anything exciting but alas Brian and I will probably both be dead after being out nice and late from the concert the night before. I will make sure to fill you in on all that on Thursday. That means an extra long post to catch up on everything!

Whew... I think that's it!! So have a wonderful week everyone!

Oh and to give this post some sort of substance.... These are a couple of way to expensive things Modcloth has been making me drool over..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When the Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass

Today Brian and I went to Lafyette Village again! They have the best cafe and antique store there! After taking outfit pictures and doing a little shopping (I got two adorable deer salt and pepper shakers!) we stopped at the cafe (Everything Homemade) and got a chocolate chip cookie frapp (without the coffee- I'm a tea person!)! Crazy right?! The girl literally took a massive cookie and threw it in the blender with ice, milk, and vanilla frapp mix. It was DELICIOUS! I'm going to have to try this out at home... and if it comes out just as awesome I will post a recipe for you guys!!

Dress- Ruche ; Shoes & Headband- Target ; Necklace- Made by me.

So I don't know if you have noticed... But I have been kind of overly obsessed with lately. I don't know if it's their incredible dresses, reasonable prices, or their awesome customer service, but I am so hooked on them! I now have 4 dresses from them, and am waiting on a very special necklace that should be arriving early next week! If you haven't checked out their site ever I highly suggest it, though they make me spend way too much money haha! This dress is my most recent purchase from there (besides my necklace), and I love how dainty and light the fabric and floral pattern are! It's unlike any other dress I have!

... And these are my cute deer that I purchased today!! I think it's very suiting I got these considering my new tattoo! I just can't get enough of deer, especially vintage ones, they are so beautiful!

And on another note... I wanted to say hello to all my new followers! Wow!! I can't believe I have almost 75 and it's only been about a month. You guys are really really amazing, I truly appreciate all the nice things you have to say. This blog makes me very happy!!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keep It on Wax

Short post today- A lot shorter than I thought. Truth be told after two and half hours of being tattooed I am dead tired. I did wear an awesome dress today, but I felt too lethargic to put on a happy face and do outfit pics.(Haha) As pessimistic as this sounds I am actually really really happy with my piece! It was done by Eric Hornung at Eternal Grafix. He's awesome!

!!! Well I'm off to snuggle up with Bri and watch Pretty Little Liars (so addictive!) Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art is Hard

So here's a quickie post to hold you over until my tattoo/outfit post on Tuesday!!

I'm an art major so obviously I love art. I've shared some crafty things I've done with you but none of my fine art work so I have decided to post a few of my favorite charcoals I've done! I really enjoy charcoaling people mostly, but I've started to brand out from that bit although that is still my first love when it comes to drawing!

(Sorry for the watermarking- Artwork stealers on the internet kinda don't make me happy!)

V For Vendetta

My brother and I (circa 96')

Brian and I

Most recently done -My Hieronymus Bosch inspired image for Art History II.

Have a great Monday everyone!

**Sorry if the pictures overlap the whole layout of the page - I didn't want to resize them and ruin their true sizing!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Here's Looking At You, Kid.

So today my outfit pretty much revolved around this amazing brooch I received this morning at the un-holy hour of 10:30 AM. Okay - so that's not really early at all, but I am not the biggest morning person and quite often lately I have been finding myself still awake at 3 AM... Anyways, my dad woke me to give me a chest filled with jewelry from my great aunt that they found. When I saw this amazing cameo brooch (and an assortment of other amazing cameo pieces!) I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. I also got the chance to wear my beautiful lace H&M dress for the first time! We headed back to Spring Street for pictures today! I just think this alleyway is awfully pretty.

Dress- H&M ; Cardigan- Forever 21 ; Shoes- SHI ; Brooch- My great aunt's ; Ring- Trimmings Boutique.

So really how cool are these funky flats... Hah usually I wouldn't go for shoes so flashy, but for some reason these stuck out to me, I like how they pick up the orangey tones in my brooch!

I bought this ring today! I think I was having a little bit over a freak out over this $12 ring and immediately made Brian take a picture of it. But isn't it amazing?!?! Somehow the jewels aren't tacky at all to me, and make it incredibly adorable!

After a little bit of shopping.. my mom and dad met up with Brian and I and we ate at this adorable cafe called Cheddar Alley. They have amazing cheeses and the interior is perfect, really. I got a delicious chicken quesdilla, while Brian opted for a crazy sandwich- as usual.

Oh! And I picked up these cuties today too! My mom found me my first bird like this at a flea market and since I have been slowly adding to my collection. Today I found a store with a jackpot of little ceramic birds, so I picked up three of the most unique and I hope to go back for more soon! Seriously though I think Spring Street has become one of my new favorites, there are so many nifty shops that are all independently owned. And the really delicious cafe there is an added perk after a day of shopping haha !

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